Business Card for: Magdalena Aron

As a student, I never worried about having a business card. I attended all sorts of graphic design tutorials analyzing different designs, talk about what works and what doesn’t. After all the research made I had one clear idea in my head “I think that a business card needs to be more creative and different”, specially because we are creative students.


As a animator I had all sorts of idea about how to create a more distinctive look business card with a stronger reflection of my profession. Fist I wanted to create a pop-up card using some geometric shapes, than creating a cut-out card using individual pages to form 3D images but in the end I came to another crazy idea.


While working in the university using a laser cut to create fine details on paper, I saw in the scrap bin a piece of a thin wood shit. I thought that this sort of material will solve the previous problems encountered using paper. A cut out paper business card will easily damage due to the fine borders I was trying to create.


I’ve start my experiments on the new material found in the scrap bin, testing the wood cutting and engraving effects. The first attempts to create a cut out business card were terrible and my chances to create something unique for my Degree Show were running short. I had no other chance than to carry on with my idea. I knew that it would rather be something unique or nothing.


And I took the risk…

Designed by: Magdalena Aron

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