Business Card for: Maria Bernal

Maria Bernal, award winning photographer from Austin, TX, wanted a brand new brand and a new look, and she wanted her new business cards to be SEXY. She wanted them to speak subtly about lingerie, mystery, outrageous and over-the-top glamor and just stop people in their tracks when she handed them one. What is a sexy business card? I confess, I didn’t know either. But the answer came to me in the middle of the night with a vision of this MB monogram. Black, super thick Museum Mount with three foils: black gloss foil, pewter-silvery foil and hot pink fuchsia foil. The bodacious flash of hot pink edge painting sent her new business cards on a trajectory to Venus. Nobody can believe them.


Maria tells me all the time that potential clients won’t put her cards in their purses or pockets: they carry them around or they put them on their mantles! If any card will get you remembered, a card with this kind of boldness and yumminess will.

Designed by: Studio Z Mendocino

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