Business Card for: Mary Susan Vaughn

I am a visual artist and finally realized that my business card needs to make a statement. I saved cost, but not time because I made them myself, however, I love them and the recipients will want to hang on to them. Take a look …


I purchased a package of 50 bookmarks in Ivory cardstock, some teeny wood rectangles, 1/4″ ribbon, and Artist Trading Card Canvas. Then I found some scrapbooking labels for the inside and the outside frame of the painting. Pretty cool ey?


I glued on the scrapbook label to the front of the folded bookmark, and then in my studio I took 5 minutes and painted this original little oil of a barn scene. Yes, this is an original oil painting on the front of this card. The Artist Trading Card canvas I glued to the top of of the teeny wood rectangle before I put brush to teeny weeny canvas for this painting.


Then I glued the painting to the label on the front so that it looked framed. Then, I used another fancy label for the inside, and with a calligraphy pen, I hand wrote the necessary information on the inside of the card. So what if it isn’t perfect. I think that makes it more personal.


Then, when you tie it in a bow, it can sit up on your desk or on a shelf somewhere. What do you think? Do you like my business card? I’m always trying to think outside the box, and I wanted Gallery owners, curators, collectors, and you, to hold on to my card and my information. Maybe then I won’t end up in a drawer somewhere forgotten, or in the garbage. Maybe, just maybe, with the right amount of tiny information on a creative little card, I will generate more commissions, or sell more paintings - and besides … that’s the idea!! I want the recipient to be inspired to go to my website, peruse my site and my paintings.

Designed by: Mary Susan Vaughn

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