Business Card for: Masha Mashutina

Masha Mashutina - makeup artist and hairdresser.
Her work is guided by the individual creative approach to each client. Masha always has innovative ideas and solutions, she attempts to create something unusual and expressive.


To create art business card that will be not similar to any other. Allow within a small piece of paper to generate new visual image.


We have created a business card with a picture of a person on the basis of which it is possible to come up with an infinite number of striking images. Each new card - is an individual product, a masterpiece that would not have analogues. And to create it is only necessary to take any available material: marker, ink, lipstick, eye shadow.

Designed by: Alexey Limonov
  • by queer1
    February 18, 2015

    this is awesome food

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