Business Card for: Matt Coffman

Quality design is truly timeless. Anabliss’ business card, designed by Matt Coffman in 1997, hasn’t changed since creation. “Word-of mouth is extremely important to any business” Matt said, “I created a card that was (literally) two cards inone.”


After completion of the identity, the Anabliss stationery package was featured in Print’s “Best of” annual and since then has been part of a museum exhibit and a necessity for business card collectors all over the world. The business cards are printed on a ginger 80# card stock with black and white ink. It’s custom stamp-perf gives customers the choice of folding it in half or tearing it in two. “We’re very happy with the attention our card has received and hope it will continue to showcase creative excellence in the graphic design arena.”

Designed by: Anabliss

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