Business Card for: Matthew Skelton

Here is a business card that I designed to be handed out to clients at my end of year Degree Show.


The idea for this came to me when i saw a Star Wars Scanimation Book in my local Waterstones.


I tediously worked out how to create my own version of this ‘Scanimation’ technique and then apply it to a business card.


By handing out my business card in these little black folders, it meant straight away that these are different than the usual business card and has a higher chance of the clients not throwing it away.



Business Card:
· 350gsm
· £13.49 for 50 rounded corner business cards
· I used (FANTASTIC COMPANY) to print my business cards



Inkjet Acetate:
· Pack of 50 A4 acetate - £13
· Created 9 Acetate Scanline sheets per A4 sheet
· Carefully used a craft knife to cut out all of the sheets



Black Card:
· 210gsm
· Pack of 25 A3 card - £4.99
· Created 5-6 folders with each sheet of A3 card
· Used a laser cutter to cut all of the folders out perfectly but could have used a craft knife instead.

Designed by: Matthew Skelton

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