Business Card for: Mattia Bernini

My name is Mattia Bernini and I produced those business card in order to promote myself in Berlin, city in which I’m living over summer.
When conceiving the business card I was struggling to produce a design striking enough to stand out of the international crowd. Then, I decided to concentrate on the overall shape and I tried out a few different shapes, eventually going for the “water drop” one which I believe is well balanced and smooth with a nice combination of angularities and roundness. Then I decided to keep it as basic as I could- name and email aligned on different sections.
What I like the most of my cards is the fact that challenges the audience, at a first quick glance you don’t even see the type- you basically need to discover it.


There is not ink involved in this business card is all laser cut, with different strength of the laser in order to make the inscriptions on the cardboard. Being a student the whole process didn’t cost me as much but only because I did it all by myself and the laser cut facility was a reasonable 10£/h but the process takes few hours.

Designed by: Mattia Bernini

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