Business Card for: Michael Blank

I like to make cards that are playful hopefully memorable. More importantly, I like cards that are somewhat conceptual and clever, and if I can manage to accomplish this in a visually economic manner, all the better.


In this case, I tried to synthesize the concept of animation/motion graphics using his initial.


Another reason I like idea-driven cards is that they don’t depend on expensive production costs to be successful. In this case the card was produced using simple printing techniques. Nothing fancy.

Designed by: Jose Antonio Contreras
  • by matt
    February 9, 2011

    With an awesome name like Micheal Blank there must surely be some mileage in an all white card with clear UV varnish text?! that would surely be a memorable card when you hand over a ‘blank’ card! ;) I do like the movement in the one you have done tho.

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