Business Card for: Morgan Fitzpatrick

These business cards were created for a Philadelphia based hair designer who wanted a feminine, vintage card to set her apart. The card references an iconic hairstyle, the bob, in various colors. The personal logo I created for Morgan, captures her personal style of modern with a vintage twist.


I drew inspiration for the business card design from 1950’s Dior gowns and iconic hairstyles (beehives, Vidal Sassoon bob, top knots, etc.) as well as Morgan’s personal vintage style.


To cut down on cost, the cards were printed on my personal Epson printer. I used a heavy stock Epson paper to print on.


Production costs were approximately $75, including paper and ink.

Designed by: Abigail Redington
Designed for: Morgan Fitzpatrick

  • by Adel
    October 30, 2013

    this is very interedting design and ideas .
    i have made my self laser cutted business card and i will posted it here soon

    thanks for chairing


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