Business Card for: Mostarda em Pó

It was made by hand on a letterpress ( ).


Part of our visual identity are real holes on the card. Our intention is a critique of modernist rationalism design with its preached high legibility. The purpose was use a light and condensed font with kind of difficult to read. In other hand, holes were strategically placed to not compromise the main information. When people take longer to read and interpret them, they naturally spend more time on our design. It was used a 240grams yellow color paper layer. The middle layer is made of paper 180grams color plus black and again a layer of paper yellow color plus 240 grams.


Usually, we deliver the card and polka dots for the user trying to fit them in the correct hole. Total Price U.S. $130, estimated to prepare 600 cards.

Designed by: Mostarda em Pó

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