Business Card for: Myung Dong Optician’s

A tiny optician’s has been launched in a traditional market in Jeju, South Korea. The main target of this market is middle-aged men and women between 50~70 years old and the elderly.


1. The advertiser’s limited budget.
2. The elders in the area do not acknowledge their eyesight and they are accustomed to their poor vision. A specialized optometry is urgently needed.


1. Let them experience themselves the visional discomfort with minimum budget.
2. Let them recognize ‘Myung dong optician’s=For those with low vision’


Self-optometry business card; Create a card that examines people’s eyesight. Just reach out your hand and the business card converts to an eyesight chart.


1. Printed 500 ‘cards’ with only 30.000 Korean won.
2. Delivered 500 ‘cards’ to the surrouding business district, including the traditional market in Jeju, and 99.9% of residents particiated.
3. The majority of the clients recognized ‘Myungdong optician’s’. Also after the card advertisement, over 90% of the residents visited the optician’s in a mere month.

Designed by: Black Pearl Creative, Seoul, South Korea

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