Business Card for: Nathan Fussner

I needed to design a card to use to promote my work - I also wanted this card to represent what I do in some way (get people to look at the world differently) without relying so much on a logo.


I found an old diagram describing how making a tiny hole in a card and looking through it can create the illusion that objects are closer to you. Using this as inspiration, I based the design of my card around the idea of looking at the world through a different perspective - looking closer at the everyday things around you. My aim was to spark an interaction between the viewer and the card beyond the typical card-swapping experience.


I had the cards printed through - then rushed over to my university print shop (thanks IWU Print Shop!) and had them drill a hole through the entire stack of cards, just in time for the start of my senior show.


15pt. card stock, matte finish.

Designed by: Nathan Fussner

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