Business Card for: Nicklaus Stoecklin

Business card for psychologist. It has two parts, inside and outside.
Outside part has square perforations.
When you move the inside part out, a name is showing up.
3rd photo: Here is the front of the inside part.
4th photo: Here is the back of the inside part.
This was a school project I had to do for an imaginary client, psychologist Nicklaus Stoecklin. The idea was to somehow show the way psychologist leads his patients out of the labyrinth, which represent their problems, to a solution. I decided to make two part business card, with holes on front side of the outer one. The holes were supposed to be made by die cutting, but I made them by hand, with scalpel, since I had no need for greater number of copies.

Designed by: Aleksanadar Savic

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