Business Card for: The Noun Project

When I started to design the card I wanted it to be a direct reflection of our website, This meant the card needed to be simple, black and white, and of course prominently feature our symbols. For the front we came up with the concept of “cutting” a piece of our website out. We gave it a full bleed to re-enforce this idea of a cut or a crop. For the back we used a very simple geometry to lay out our info. Also, instead of writing out our positions we decided to use symbols to visually communicate what we do. My wife, who runs the show, has the command symbol next to her name. I am on the creative side, so I chose a light bulb ( a florescent one of course), and so on for our team members. One of my favorite features though is the duck. It seems most people associate twitter with a cute little blue bird. We didn’t have this in our collection…the only bird we had was a duck, and I thought it looked great!


We had our cards printed at a great boutique print shop here in Los Angeles called Clear Image Printing.

Designed by: The Noun Project
  • by RF
    June 9, 2011

    Nice, I Love it

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