Business Card for: Nuno Leites

I was born in Póvoa de Varzim, a coastal town close to Porto rich in fishery. As in many other places, the fishermen have been using visual symbols to communicate with each other.
This symbols, called “Siglas Poveiras”, were left by the Vikings about 1000 years ago and today, we still have a strong relationship with them in our town.
The images below are some paintings that you can find all over town with these symbols on it. Some of them painted on tile panels, on the ground, or even on houses’ doors, identifying the families by their symbols.


With all of this in my head, I just got inspired by the history, the meaning and beauty of these symbols.
I gathered most of this symbols trying to find an association with myself, my name or something that could represent me visually.


I realised that some of them had a similarity with letters. The second one, for example, reminds me of an “U”. With this in mind I “redesigned” the letters of my name (Nuno) with this symbols. Without adding or removing elements of the symbol I animated the transformation between my name and the fishermen acronyms.


With that I could design a logo where I don’t represent my name but, at the same time, doing just that.
After getting these new four “letters” I just found important to have something smaller and iconographic so, I just put every symbol together finding another version of my logo.

Designed by: Nuno Leites

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