Business Card for: Octavio Pardo

I wanted to mix in my business card my love for typography and for special effects in printed media.
Actually the material is very simple!! Just plain matt coated paper of 300 gr and the plastic bag is PVC
The production cost is slightly high, each plastic bag might be around 0,8€ plus what the paper card costs. The good thing is that it is a card that also works on the internet ;)
The concept of the card follows the rest of the stationery. Each piece uses a single glyph, the envelopes use an @, letterheads use the “, bills to get pay use a % and bilss to pay use currency symbols. In the card besides I show my interest for visual pums

Designed by: Octavio Pardo
  • September 21, 2011

    wow, nice idea! Amazing!!! I’m manufacturer of plastic PVC business cards… and the products are originals… but your idea is fantastic!
    If you want an unique product you have to pay! It’s normal!

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