Business Card for: Oleg Lyutov

These were designed with an intent to emphasize the sense of custom, precious, and sustainable design, which can be affordably created and executed. These cards are not designed only to stand out, but also to be able to resist wear and tear due to the robust features of the chipboard.


The production process is the great example that an impossible may come true. During the design process, there were serious doubts whether such intricate details can be transferred onto photopolymer. Further on, it was a challenge to apply a proper amount of ink so the excess will not be pushed out and fill the negative space when debossing occurs. Thirdly, it was absolutely unclear how well the crude chipboard would take the letterpress impression. Another challenge was to engineer custom grippers that would hold the pre-cut cards in place. During the production process, it was discovered that packing the platen with a metal sheet, rather than a paper, would give the most dramatic deboss while maintaining sharp impression.

Designed by: Oleg Lyutov

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