Business Card for: Originalia

I am an artist as well as a designer so my cards are designed to highlight both aspects. The whole stationery system was printed by gang printing the cards over a large letterpressed background image. When trimmed, each card is different. Each card also has a collage fragments to make them even more special. “All of this contributes to the idea of originality, expressed in the studio name.”


Each business card in the stationery system is unique — the printing strike happens in a different place on every individual item in the run, and the cards each have a piece of an original collage created from fragments of the creative process tipped onto their fronts. These choices together communicate the unique, original properties of the studio and its work.


The design was inspired by color, paper, texture, art & design materials and processes.


2C on French Butcher Orange 80#C; collages: mixed media


letterpress and collages by originalia > a design studio, Kentucky USA

Designed by: Originalia

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