Business Card for: Paula Cabecinha

When thinking about bussiness cards for me I realize I didn’t want a convencional one, I didn’t want a flat rectangle, I want one that could interact much one than the usual ones and I didn’t have much money for them. So the solution was folding them, that way they get three dimensional and applying a sort of varnish on the logo get it to interact with the touch.
On the inside part there’s a description of services, while on the front the logo and signature and contacts and link for portfolio on the backside.


I wanted a cheap solution but something that had interest, visually bold and something that were interactive.
I was inspired by the recent interactive trend


They’re printed in a small shop but can be printed at home if the printer has quality enough.
Printing about a hundred cards were 9 euros, then I cut them and folded them and applied the varnish myself, that application is what would be the more expensive in a letterpress shop.


It’s printed in offset paper of 100g with and application by hand of a varnish for the napkin technique.

Designed by: Paula Cabecinha

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