Business Card for: PeepCode

A month ago I (embarrassingly) realized I was out of business cards. In the past I would have spent an hour or two updating my information and designing a new look, but I had been waiting for this moment to go big. If PeepCode was going to be known for high production values and quality content, then we had better have business cards to match.


I dialed up a letterpress printing company I had been following on Twitter. After a few short rounds we ended up with a great looking design that I would never have thought of myself.


It’s about ¼ inch thick and displays a noticeable bite from the printing press. The main logo is printed with clear varnish which makes it slightly more shiny than the rest of the card. The other details are in silver ink.


All told, it’s not only the most impressive business card I’ve owned, it’s the best one I’ve seen anywhere. Which they should be given the $680 I paid for 200 of them.

Designed by: Geoffrey Grosenbach
  • February 23, 2011

    Dude, if you’re so happy, give a shoutout to the letterpress company by name. Show the power of social media connections for business. Let us know who the letterpress printer is by name, location and website.

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