Business Card for: Personality Studies

The cards were made as part of a semester long research project about the balance of work and life. While investigating archetypes for this topic, I chose hypothetical people to make business cards for, since that would directly relate to both home and office workers. The personalities are grouped in 2 sets: 2 extremes that would be excluded from the group (a homeless man and a traveling salesman) that are shown in the bolder colors with black tops, and an inside 7 that range in scale from end to end, with the grey tops. Some of those inside people include a small business owner, a stay-at-home mom, a CEO, and a twenty-something 9-5 office assistant. The goal was to have a wide range of personalities that would help support my analysis of work-life balance. The chair drawings on the back represent what type of chair that person might use the most at their particular job.


The cards were printed on my Epson R2880 printer using Epson Premium Presentation paper as single sided pieces, then cut and comped into single cards. They were for a student project so only these 9 exist.

Designed by: Kristen Libero

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