Business Card for: Phyllis Gan

Hand-made business card that fans out to display the many roles / projects / businesses that I engage in.
The back of each “stick” carries a short summary of the project and contact information.





Being an entrepreneur & designer, I engage in several business projects at a time and I’d find myself designing a new business card for each new project I take on. It didn’ take long for me to notice boxes of business cards stacking up on my shelf and I knew I had to design an all-in-one business card that would allow a frequent change in content. Besides, it’s hardly professional to be fumbling with 4 seperate business cards when introduced to a new aquaintance!





A business card are essentially a piece of branding collateral with design that strongly reflects the identity of the company’s brand. However since this card is meant to carry several brands in one, it is designed to be almost like a ‘plain canvas’ with as little identity as possible (except a little bit of my own personality in there).


Made with 300gsm cardstock, matte lamination with silver hot stamp only on the name portion in the first stick.

Designed by: Phyllis Gan
  • by Eric
    January 19, 2013

    This is inspiring. Really cool.

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