Business Card for: Prebois

Christophe Prébois asked me to create him his identity.
My concept is to take advantage of the accent (´) that is at the top of the (é) of christophe pr(é)bois : this accent (´) becomes then the begining of a white empty area (exactly like in B.D, “Comics”, “Cartoons”, AND ILLUSTRATIONS (he is illustrator agent !!!)) : this system (accent become white area) is printed on ‚ materials : christophe prébois can always “talk”, express himself, with hand-writing or printed words (or drawings) in white areas.
On his business card, if he needs, he is able to handwrite something (or not) (when the white area is empty, there is also meanings)
And last thing to tell: in the mention “AGENT D’ILLUSTRATEURS” the way of placing the 3 letters T-R-A, creates also the word A-R-T (ART)

Designed by: Fabrice Praeger

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