Business Card for: Projekt, Inc

This card was actually pretty painless to design because I wanted it simple. When designing most clients’ business cards I’m forced to make them double-sided because there is just too much information to fit on one side… logo, name, title, phone, fax, cell, address, email address and web address. So I wanted this card as simple as possible. I was sort of inspired by the business card Tommy Lee Jones hands Will Smith in “Men in Black”… which is a white card, with absolutely nothing on it except “MiB”, in black ink, on one side. I obviously couldn’t go THAT simple… but I did I strip as much information off as possible. For example, I gave myself no title and killed the mailing address, which I figured could be pulled off our website.

In terms of the printing, I knew I wanted a letterpressed card. But I also wanted something different. So instead of printing dark ink on a white (or lighter colored) stock… I began searching for the perfect black stock which I would have printed with a silver ink (silver is more opaque than opaque white). But finding the right sheet was difficult. I couldn’t find much. And my search actually ended when I found the printer…, a fantastic letterpress shop in Indiana. The owner, Peter, was excited to help. He sent me some samples of a thick, toothy, black German etching paper… which we ultimately had duplexed, making it twice as heavy. (You could kill a man with these cards.)

The printing was complicated by the fact that I wanted the logotype to be a little more intense than all the other printed elements. So Peter double-struck that area twice by running everything through the press once, stripping the plates of everything except the logotype, and then running them all through the press again. (Which he assured me, was ONLY possible with his particular brand of press.)

Designed by: Projekt, Inc
  • November 16, 2010

    Hey Sean!
    Thanks for the excellent reference!
    Although, we’re actually in Dubuque, Iowa

    Lots more cards at our site:

    Many thanks!


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