Business Card for: Psiholistic

We wanted a business card that challenged you, made you interact with it, like a puzzle that would, hopefully create a smile in your mind and thus make it memorable.


My inspiration: tactility, interactivity, hypnosis, paper windmills.


We printed them locally on 300g paper stock, we then had a few A4 sheets printed with multiple circles on them carefully measured for size and distances. We then cut out the circles at a local laser engraver.
After that we used textile rivets with which we manually stapled the discs to the cards.


On the second iteration we skipped the laser cutting and we did the cutting ourselves with a simple rotary cutter (it’s like a pair of compasses, like the ones we used to use in geometry class only with a blade on one side instead of a pencil). The cutout on the card is done with scissors.


They were made for a local business with a limited number of possible clients so not a lot of them are needed, plus the manual work was kind of fun for a change.


The production costs were around $90 for 100 cards.

Designed by: Bogdan Enache

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