Business Card for: Rama Estudio Taller

We are a group of Young graphic designers with our own letterpress and bookbinding studio. We designed and printed the cards in our workshop, inspired by the old, vintage typographic posters, based on its structure and type variables.


For the material we used a White cardboard that was destined to be discarded due to a texture problem, which we used in our favor to create that old and worn appearance.


We printed them in a series of different colors, changing the pressure of the letterpress machine and amount of ink to generate gradients of each color.


Because of the problem in the texture of the cardboards the material was very cheap, and using different ink colors but only one plate to print , the costs in general were very low.


We liked this idea for our business cards, since they work as printing and design samples as well.

Designed by: Rama Estudio Taller

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