Business Card for: Ricky Richards

I created the money business card as a promotional piece. I’m currently still at university and I wanted to work freelance in my spare time so a project involving the public seemed the way to go if I was to receive recognition.

The inspiration for the card came by luck. I was lucky enough to find a £10 note on the floor , I saw it from a distance and even made a small dash to pick it up. It occurred to me that it would be a good idea to create a fake note as I personally don’t no anybody who could walk past a note on the floor and not pick it up. I understood peoples initial reaction would be of disappointment as it wasn’t real so I made sure the message was cheeky enough to bring people round to appreciate the project.

I actually printed the notes at staples, the message made it clear enough the notes where fake and I even placed the words fake on the note in low opacity on the front so it could be seen if held at hands distance.

I printed the notes on low quality matt paper to get a similar thickness and texture to a real note.

Designed by: Ricky Lee Richards
  • October 22, 2010

    no….. you see, what you have done there illegal, and in breach of copyright - basic principles of design which we all must adhere to in order to protect ourselves as deisgners and the work we produce.

  • by Smitty
    October 22, 2010

    …and, it would tick me off enough that I would never use your services after being fooled this way - even if you are REALLY good at what you do.

  • October 22, 2010

    Hello Matt Pilling and Smithy

    I understand the project was breach of copyright and it was made clear on the note they were fake. I could tell the idea would spark up some controversy and as such bring attention my way, that was the purpose of the project. I personally don’t use this as my business card it was just a concept i set up over one day. I then took the pictures to prove the theory behind it worked and then posted it online as a creative solution to lethargic piece of design such as a business card.

    Its also unfortunate if you would choose not to use my services smith,y i hope that when i graduate to become a successful freelancer and as such i try my best to take pride in my projects. At the time i did the project i received some emails with positive responses from people claiming they thought it was a great idea i hope thats the case for most people.

  • October 22, 2010

    i think its ace rick.

  • by MatchMoneyTree
    October 22, 2010

    Hey Dude…

    I have seen this idea work REALLY well in the States…The only feedback I would give you is to make sure you split the note in half so it looks like its been folded…So once opened the note looks nothing like a real £20 note…

    I have used similar ideas to great advantage and would love to know more about your services and what else you have to offer…

    Have an AMAZING day…

  • by Postman Pat.
    October 23, 2010


  • by Sam
    October 28, 2010

    illegal? why? is obvious this guy is not trying to make real bills, that is different thing, this is a risky idea, but I like it,

    Well Ricky this is what graphic design is about, while some people will love your work, others would say that it is just crap.

  • by matt
    November 1, 2010

    @Sam - No, I am afraid it is illegal to reproduce banknotes on the UK - it’s cut and dried. I would also never normally simply say work is ‘just crap’. This could be a very clever idea - needs more work as MatchMoneyTree says. Could be a WHOLE lot cleverer and wry in its wit with more input from the designer - too oversimple to just photocopy a banknote. Lazy even from a design perspective.

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