Business Card for: Sasha Pikula

There is a design studio called DRUKARIUM, in which my friend and I do an interesting design.
Sasha ordered a logo in the form of arms, I designed the logo for Sasha. She loved it and soon her mother and sister decided to give her a birthday present in the form of cards. My friend and I have our own platen letterpress machine. We developed a number of interesting variations of the design of business cards and chose the most suitable with the original blind embossing.
Business card printed on paper which previously had been brought from America, called LETTRA 600 grams, designed specifically for letterpress and consists of double sheets of 300 grams. Production costs went to a magnesium plate, paint, paper, and our labor naturally. We used 3 Magnesium clich├ęs and 4 individual stamps.

Designed by: Jura Treugol'nyj

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