Business Card for: Sergii Bogulavkyi

3D business card for a 3D artist that can lay flat. When it’s folded it turns to a 3D cube with fluorescent orange printed on the inside. His initial “S” and “B” shows up when it’s folded in to a cube, and turns into random lines when it’s flat.

“This card was designed for a 3D artist in Chicago. My inspiration comes from what he does as a living. Making flat drawings and render it in such a way that makes the eye perceive it as a 3D object.

The material is 100 lb cover white paper with 1 color offset print on each side (dark grey and neon orange). It was printed in a print shop called Salsedo press in Chicago.

This card has been awarded certificate of typographic excellence by the Type Directors Club. It appeared on TDC exhibition all over the world and will be included in the Typography annual 29. This card has made appearance on many design blogs as well.

Designed by: Nigel Sielegar
  • December 17, 2009

    Business Card for: Sergii Bogulavkyi.
    It is not always easy to come up with a concept that is interesting and stands out from the crowd of business cards out there.

    It is great to see a business card designed to so accurately convey the business it is representing.

    A 3D business card for a 3D artist that can lay flat - a good design concept and fun too.

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