Business Card for: Steve Li

Steve Li is an acupuncturist with outstanding skills. He cures everything from tennis elbow to crippling back problems, he’s that good. His business is predominantly driven by word of mouth. His customers will typically take several business cards and hand them out to friends as they preach his miracle work.


By taking the idea of recommendations as a key driver for his business, his approving customers donate their business cards, to be re-used as a physical sign of their endorsement. Each card is punched through with his details and passed on to potential new customers, showing that the business card’s owner had received treatment by him, and that they endorse his abilities.


I was getting treated by Steve Li (i have been for several years) And it occurred to me whilst lying there with needles in me, that ll of Steve Li’s patients are big advocates of his. We all take several of his buisiness cards and pass them on to friends. I discussed with him that day, an opportunity for him to use this natural endorsement by his patients as a creative opportunity for his own identity and marketing.


All cards are existing business cards of his patients, however we pulled a favour with a friend of his to get them laser cut initially, whilst we are in development of a hole punching device that Steve can use himself to produce the die cutting.


The costs after the initial punch is built, will be zero. (other than his time to physically punch them). The machine is costing a few hundred bucks to prototype and build.

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