Business Card for: Sven Gabriel

Creating ones own business card is the most
difficult assignment for every creative mind. They must
be different then the other cards, they have to be interesting
but yet they have to fit to your own style. They have to be
fun but not childish and the most important part:
they have to be a classic and timeless. The concept for my
businesscards was to create every card on my own.
1000 originals. Every card has got its own number and
tells his own story.
(on you can find a few hundred illustrated cards. :)


I was inspired by the idea to have individual cards
for each person i would give my address to.
Every time I hand over my card the other person
can choose the card he/she likes most.
Most of the times it fits perfectly. :)
Also each card is inspired by my friends and people
I work with.


The card is 400g/m paper, illustrated with edding and
then named with a number.


It was printed at


Printed 1000 pieces for 52 € and a lot of time and love for each illustration. :)

Designed by: Sven Gabriel
  • by jim
    January 6, 2011

    i like it

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