Business Card for: Talusfurniture

A business card appears blank in normal lighting, but opens like a flower in the sun.
Prototype application of c))motion films.


A few years ago I started working on biomimetic materials inspired by nature. These materials react to their surroundings in rather simple ways, more instinctive than “smart”. Eventually, I discovered a way to create a two layered plastic laminate which bends when exposed to a temperature change. Die cutting many flaps into a sheet of this material- named c))motion- turns the sheet into a breathable skin that curls opens the flaps on a hot day, but closes in the cold. Instinctive insulation.


You can incorporate the same material into a pop-up book so the bump outs move when exposed to the sun. Or a tip-in advertising magazine insert.


So a c))motion covered business card is a natural free sample, as well as a contact reminder.

Designed by: Greg Blonder

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