Business Card for: Tangible Worldwide

We’re still a design studio at heart, so we wanted to have a clever, well-designed card. The idea of a low-run, handcrafted card soon came to mind. The handmade look would create a unique texture for every card, and the personalization capability would allow the team to leave a real personal impression. As a byproduct, considering each card would take some time to create, the process would also train them to give away cards to people only when needed and to avoid making unnecessary cards.


We still wanted to convey the “Tangible” idea, so we again opted to use a letterpress process. Our friends at Studio On Fire used a recycled 130 lb cover stock to strike a shell print on the back of just 2,000 cards. The front was left blank—with the exception of the opposite impression left by the letterpress strikes—and shipped back to us to complete the process.


Using the new icon system from our updated identity package (seen throughout this site), we created 40 stamps, and a stamp for each employee’s name and contact information. The cost of the stamps ranged from $2.00 for the icons, and $8.00 per name for non-bulk orders. This means we can continue to create new names and icons at a fraction of the cost of even a generic, digital business card printing service.

Designed by: Tangible Worldwide

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