Business Card for: THINK Packaging

Creating a cigarette style pack, it’s flip open lid is perfect for offering out a card. With the choice of the CMYK colours to choose from it adds a little sparkle than just passing a card that has been pulled out of a dusty old wallet. My cards are engineered to make into a cool little box by squeezing the sides together. Now the client is already engaged in my ninja packaging skills right from the start…


INSPIRATION: I feel that with a standard business card there is always a chance that it will live it’s life in a desk drawer or in a business card file that is rarely opened – we all have one! I wanted my cards to speak volume but not with heaps of text plastered all over it! The answer….involve my skills into the card! I know that my card now sits proudly on my new or existing clients desks, holding other cards or general office gubbins. It’s shown to others & I’m now always in mind!


MATERIAL: 300gsm artboard – matt laminated – printed digitally

Designed by: Mat Bogust

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