Business Card for: Tiago Costa

This card it’s the most close image i can show about myself.
I love to draw, so thought a good idea represent myself not only
with my face but with my language to (graphic and personal language)
I made it with black ink (direct pen) in a 300gr paper (internacional paper).
The colors of the card are black and white (just like my draws).…os/2304154…as/1826687
I just based in a photo of mind (a good one that really described me)
and tried to mix it with a really clean graphic design.
Print costs? 20€!! Not kidding!! Simple sheet of 300gr (the same i use to draw :D)
and B/W lazer print. Simple and effective. And you know What? I Just love it!!
I hope you like it too!!

Designed by: Tiago Costa

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