Business Card for: Typographer

It’s quite a task to do a business card for yourself, especially when your a typographer. Most people know what a graphic designers is & On the other hand most people don’t know what a typographer is or does nor what a font is.


A central task towards my business card was to offer a little introduction to the field of typography. On the cover you see the title: “TYPOGRAPher” each glyph in set in a different type(font). A handdrawn line connects each glyph with a date. The date is the year the font has been designed.
On the backside the years are concluded with the author and the fonts name. A business card can be educating.
(The drawn lines of the cover are residing on the backside too, copied and turned ninety°


I like colors a lot. The challenge on the cover was to create something conceptual and aesthetical surprising. Most typographers work from black and white. Since i like colors a lot i don’t like black and white so much - it is overused and overrated in my opinon. On the other hand just making type colorful can also be a cheap trick - my thought was to go into the other direction: Not more color. Less Color! Since black and white are the minimum components to typography I decided to take away the white and replace it with a reflective surface.


(To be honest I never waive the chance to put color on. So on the backside there is a bit yellow in the black and on the cover a bit pink. - i just like color so much…)


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Designed by: Harald Geisler

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