Business Card for: Tyrer Joinery

These lasercut business cards are a gift for my younger brother, who runs his own Joinery. I experimented with several different styles and woods and eventually chose Marine plywood as it offered excellent clarity due to the inner layers of plywood being darker, it was also particularly strong for its thinness. The design was etched on as full sheets, on both sides before being cut into independent cards. I really love the tactility and feel of these cards, and proud that my brother reserves these cards for his best clients, as they create a lasting impact.


The plywood is reclaimed from scrap off cuts at my local university, I also have access to a lasercutter, so other than the time I have put in designing and running the lasercutter, the cards didn’t cost anything.
Due to the amount of lasercutting required (several hours) on both sides of each panel of cards, they would be very expensive to produce commercially. There is no cost saving with volume, the lasercutter will always take the same time per card. I would estimate that at commercial rates on a lasercutter each card would cost £2.50

Designed by: Nick Tyrer

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