Business Card for: Tyson Junkers

I do a lot of 3D work and wanted to bring that experience to people I meet and potential clients. I was trying to figure out the best way to do that for a while and it was about that time that I saw Avatar in 3D and thought, “That is fantastic.” Wouldn’t it be great to use actual 3D on my business cards? The only way to do that is through Anaglyph 3D (Red and Cyan glasses). After doing some research I realized this is the only option I have because it is one of the only options you can use in something that is printed. I contacted a guy I have done printing work with in the past up in New Jersey and sent him a concept I had. After about 4 test runs I came up with the final design. The material used is a hard, cardboard-like material and the photograph on the back is an Anaglyph image of one my 3D designs. It took about a month to create and because I had a special die cut made they ended up costing a little over $1 a card. While expensive, they should help me stand out from the crowd if I ever need to pass along my card to someone.

Designed by: Tyson Junkers

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