Business Card for: Windsor

The business card for Windsor Assurance LLC was a product of wonderful synchronicity. J. Peter Madine who commissioned the card was the most patient and willing client with a taste for things that are different from the rest. The illustrator Mike Schley ( was at the right place at the right time and has taken my words, ideas and crude sketches and created the crest rich with detail. Rob Craer, his team at Impact Printing ( and all the vendors for die making, embossing and foil stamping have managed an amazing feat of pulling the card together, even with crazy ideas such as printing on top of the foil. All those people appeared at the scene at the right time with the right set of talents.

The inspiration most definitely comes from Mr. Madine, who described both the business he endeavored to start and his appreciation of Windsor Castle as the symbol for certainty with such vividness, clarity and style that it all made sense. Without that description we would not have found Mike, nor would have gone for this particular image.

The card was made in a non-standard size, slightly wider than usual at 3.5″x2.25″ to give the artwork more room to breathe and set the card apart from the rest. The paper was selected for its amazing texture - Smart Papers Feltweave Natural 100lbs cover. We really wanted simplicity to be the main attraction and even with the foil stamping and embossing I think we have achieved that goal, using just two inks - Blue (PMS301) and Black.

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