Business Card for: Yellow Duck

I knew the identity for Yellow Duck PR had to be very iconic and memorable. I remember from my days of watching Donald Duck cartoons that the beak itself was a pretty distinct shape. I knew that it would be my inspiration for the client’s identity. The shape of the beak has a lot of character, but I wanted it simple, clean, strong and memorable without coming off too child-like. I balanced the curved “Beak” icon with a very rigid stacked arrangement of type for the logo signature.


In the business card design, I wanted to literally bring the “Beak” to life. It’s a one-folded business card with a die-cut along the beak’s edge which allows the user to open the mouth and fold the card over to conceal the business card content.


Quantity Produced: 500
Production Cost: $660
Paper Stock: Reich Paper, Savoy, 118 lb

Designed by: Chon Shoaff

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