Business Card for: Yet-I

I set myself a brief whilst I was at university because I wanted to create a new name for myself, which could potentially become a name for a design company. My dream is to go freelance and own my own company one day.


I wanted my new name to be memorable, so I tried to think of something quirky about myself as a starting point. The best thing I could come up with was this: when I was a little girl, I had an imaginary friend who was a Yeti called Ratalli. In my childhood, Ratalli had always been there when I needed him, and when I didn’t, he simply disappeared. In my mind he was friendly, kind, giving, helpful and reliable. I also believe that I have the same traits as Ratalli did. So my idea was evolving: it was that I would be my client’s ‘imaginary friend’, or yeti. I would always be there when needed.


There is a notion, that yetis do exist but more than one is never to be found at the same time. A yeti as we know are mythological creatures which are always talked about but never seen. This idea links to my ‘imaginary friend’ being present when needed and leaving when not. So, my concept for my new name and business card was the idea of a yeti/me leaving a trace. This led me to my final idea for my business card. I liked the idea of a footprint in the snow. So, I created a logo and de-bossed it into the textured card. The original idea was for the card to have a slightly furry texture. However, I struggled to find the right one, so settled for a smooth skin texture instead.


I had a metal plate made with my logo and details on it, which I then used to make the cards myself by using a press. I made about 200 for my degree show in June. The business cards didn’t cost me much because I ordered the card as samples, so they were free. And I spent about £25 on the plate to be made. The card I used was called ‘Plike’.

Designed by: Arijana Misic-Burns

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