Business Card for: Yeti Frozen Custard

Finding frozen custard in San Diego? That’s like finding a bigfoot. Actually, more like a Yeti. Because Yeti Frozen Custard is the only food truck in San Diego to serve up deliciously creamy frozen custard. As a startup we needed to get the word out, while stretching our ad dollars. So we decided to combine our business and rewards card. And since part of the food truck experience is tracking it down, we wanted to reward customers just for finding us. Your first spotting gets you a card and starts you on your journey. Each subsequent visit, gets you closer to the ultimate find. A free Yeti Frozen Custard dessert. We digitally printed on uncoated stock to ensure the stamps would hold and to keep the costs low. Thanks to Eagle Print Dynamics for their help throughout this adventure.

Designed by: Joe Wilpe

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