Business Card for: Youngha Park

It is a personal business card for myself as a graphic designer.
The idea of the type is based on an optical illusion, which was
inspired by the stretched signs painted on the asphalt road.
There is an ambiguity in the sentence on the right corner;
I ask people to change their point of view in order to read the
info as well as I wish people to change their point of view and
to think more creatively to be my clients.


The printer is Vistaprint and the material is 100-lb. Premium Matte Paper.

  • October 12, 2011

    Youngha,I love your business cards. You’ve done a clever small-scale use of the concept of Slant Art! The anamorphic street signs you mentioned were themselves inspired by a timeless concept invented about 500 years ago. Leonardo DaVinci even played with it in his notebooks! I have an image of this if you’d like.

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