Business Card for: Yunikon

When I started working on this card, I wanted it to be simple and clean, alligned to the style of my already existing website. So, using primarily light colours, mostly scales of blue, I began to create something that would remind of the site itself. On the front side, there’s the Logo of my company, a stylized unicorn.
As I said, my primary inspiration was my website; I didn’t want to go way too far from its style.
The material used for printing was glossy opaque paper 300 gr (9,65 oz) and it was printed by EDPRINT.

  • by Irma Retouche
    July 16, 2010

    Nice use of colors - but to rip off the silhouette of the well known (and beloved) Movie Figure “The last unicorn” isn’t very original.

    Well, look for yourself

  • by admin
    July 17, 2010

    You right. Thanks Irma, I didn’t know that. Anyway I like this blue color style.

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