Creative ways to design business card

Business card is the most important element of your visual identity. When you have unusual and outstanding business card you have more chances to impress your client. Let’s see what ways and techniques you may use to create unique and creative business card.


Business card for Ramesh Sharma
If you are a marriage councilor by profession then a business card showcasing bandage will surely be ironical and will also define your purpose.


Business card for Carr
You may use perforation or little holes if you are acupuncturist


Business card for James A.W. Mahon
For divorce lawyers such business cards are a must. Cards with perforations and two identical sides are truly descriptive.


Business card for Tur & Partner
Landscape related business? Want unusual business card? Make it grow!


Paul Nielsen business card
Stretchy business card, featuring a name that is difficult to read until you have stretched the card.


Business card for Junge Schachtel
Great example of innovative use of a tear away tab in the middle of the card to hide the contact information. It’s interesting, unusual and brings interactive.


Business card for Howlfire
A card with burnt edges for your business related to fire is the most amazing concept. It will straightforwardly let the other person know about your business.


Little car model business card for Intersection
You can also try out game type business cards. Such business cards are fun and interactive. For example make your own toy car from this business card.


Business card for Walts Wood Works
A wooden business cards for a person involved in wood related business is the perfect idea. It looks marvelous and stylish.


For those involved in a furniture designing business this business cards the most perfect choice. A furniture shaped business card will add volume to your business.


Business card for Paul Hartsook
Business card of video and sound producer that looks like it was made from a vinyl disc.


Plain business card for AWP Express
Let your potential customers have a little light time making planes with you business card and get information about your work at the same time.


Film slides business card
For photographers this type of business card will look most appropriate. Use film strips for showcasing your details. It is the most excellent way to tell others about your work.


Bazooka business card
This business card is also a war game. You may play this little game when you’re bored


Scratch business card
Scratch off business cards is perfect for any business type. You can use different ideas for making it better and attractive.


3D cube business card
Business card that folds into 3D cube. It looks stylish and attractive.


Yogaone business card
If you are a yoga instructor or a trainer then why don’t you use something like this for your business cards. Such cards look funny, unusual and descriptive.


Business cards from edible paper
One innovative idea that can spark up your business is to use edible paper for your business card creation. The one who will see your card can then later eat it as well.


Chocolate business cards
Love chocolates? So does your customers, so why don’t you get your business card created on chocolate bars. If you are into chocolates business then this is the best available option.


X-ray business cards
Business card for debt recovery agent :-) Great idea. If you are more conservative and you are an orthopedic surgeon or a radiographer or are running a X-ray service business then the following business card is a very good option.


Hair stylist business card
If you are a hair stylist then this business card can be the mirror of your business. It will surely attract customers to your shop.


Business_cards from 4 different cards
This business card made from 4 different cards can be nice for any sort of business provided you use pictures of your business on it.


Sack wear business card
A business card for your T-Shirt business can be perfect if you attach a neck tag of your T-shirts on it.


Coin business card
If you are into finance related business then nothing else can beat the potential of this card. Your details on coins will surely charm those who will have a look at it. it is attractive and will surely gain attention.


Massage therapist business cards
For a massage therapist this business card can be very symbolic. It can add glint to your business.


Fitness trainerbusiness cards
Unique, foldable business card for fitness trainer Zohra Mouhetta that invites the recipient to interact with it by tearing off excess flab.


Cafe business card
If you are a café owner then you must use something innovative and exciting like this for your café business cards.


Textile business card
For textile industrialists this type of business cards can be amazing. Such business cards can prove to be of great importance in your business.


Business card caliper
Laser cut business card that folds up to create a working caliper


Gold business cards
Gold business card looks very royal and classy. If you wish to portray a very rich look then go for it!


Wool business cards
100% wool attached to business card. Isn’t it nice?


Pica ruler business cards
Pica ruler business card for graphic designer. Not only a business card but also useful toolkit


Cigarettes business cards
If you are into the business of cigarette manufacture then a business card with a closed cigarette pack will do the purpose for you. But even if your business not related to cigarettes you may use this idea. For example owner of this cards gives this fake cigarretes every time he asked a cigarette.


Piano business cards
Have a piano repair business? Why go for simple and boring business cards?


Dentist business card
Interactive business card for a dentist. Upon removing the card from its sleeve, the cavity disappears. Elegant and striking.


Thermo sensitive business cards for Murmure
Thermo sensitive business cards are excellent and can look nice for any one’s business. Especially for those who are into solar energy business such business cards are the most apt.


Crossword business card
Business cards with crosswords can be great for your bored customers. It’s new and innovative.


Business card that can convert into a rubber band powered desktop catapult.


Business cards with seeds
If you are into gardening business or something related to it then you can use the idea of giving seeds with a business card. Of use these cards like an envelope for doing the same.


Geared business card
This geared business card looks smart and cool. You can go for it as it gives a very young and stylish look.


Building blocks business card
Building blocks business card looks nice for architecture business and schools.


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