Visiting Card Design Inspiration

The first time visiting cards were used was in the 15th century in China and not until the 17th century in Europe. At that time, visiting card design was very simple. The visiting cards, were nothing more than a plain white piece of paper with a person’s name of the front.

Visiting cards soon became a very important tool of etiquette with all kinds of regulations governing the way in which they should be used. The main rule was that a person would not expect to see another person in their home without first being presented with a visiting card, unless they were invited. One a visiting card was left at a home or was presented the person would wait until they also received a visiting card, if no card was received, then they would not be welcome in the home.

As time went on visiting cards soon began to become very decorative with engraved ornaments, embossed lettering, and coats of arms. Designers began to add the persons name, address, and telephone number. And nowdays there are no big differences between visiting card and business card.

There are a lot of great examples of visiting card design. And no matter what you want to call them, visiting cards, business cards, or calling cards, as long as they are cool, they will be remembered.

Letterpress and Crane’s Moonstone Grey paper mixed into perfect example of simple and elegant design.

Unique handmade visiting card created using cardboard,indian ink and dip pen.

Silk-screen printed double side visting card with perforation let you spare it in two parts with identical info.

Cards for greek restaurant made from broken plates.

Cool visiting card with wool attached to it.

LEGO mini figure used as visiting card.

Card for painter in shape of pencil.

Here is an example of using die-cut in visiting card design.

Nail saloon uses nailfile to print contact info

Info printed on small pieces of domino tiles.

Metal visiting cards are very popular nowdays.

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